Cat Biting Kitten Stomach – What Is The Reason?

Cat Biting Kitten Stomach

Cats are famous for their playful and sometimes mischievous nature, but there are times when their behaviour can be concerning. One such behaviour is when a cat biting kitten stomach. This can be alarming and confusing for cat owners, leaving them wondering why their beloved feline would exhibit such aggression towards their offspring. While it … Read more

Why Is My Guppy Swimming Upside Down? Explained

Why Is My Guppy Swimming Upside Down

When your guppy swims upside down, it is not just unusual behavior. It may also be indicative of something more serious than you realize. A common condition called protogyny affects many species of fish, but it’s less well known among the species that are more commonly kept as pets. So, why is my guppy swimming … Read more

How To Keep Possums Out Of Cat House? [Easy Guideline]

How To Keep Possums Out Of Cat House

Possums can be a nuisance when they get into your cat house. They can create messes, scare your cats, and even cause damage to the structure of the house. Fortunately, there are several measures you can take to keep these critters out. Various methods can help keep possums away from your cat’s cozy abode, from … Read more

Mother Cat Biting Kittens Neck – What Does It Mean?

Mother Cat Biting Kittens Neck

As pet owners, we are often delighted by the playful and nurturing behavior of our furry companions. However, there are times when our beloved animals exhibit unexpected and seemingly aggressive actions. One such behavior that may cause concern and confusion is a mother cat biting kittens neck. This seemingly aggressive act can leave pet owners … Read more

How Do Mother Cats Discipline Their Kitten? Explained

How Do Mother Cats Discipline Their Kitten

Mother cats play a vital role in developing and caring for their kittens. They provide their young warmth, nourishment, and protection, teaching them important life skills such as grooming and hunting. Mother cats also strongly bond with their kittens, often displaying affectionate behavior such as licking and cuddling. Giving mother cats the support they need … Read more

Cats Postpartum Depression – What Should I Do?

Cats Postpartum Depression

Cats are one of the most popular pets around the world. They are popular for their independent nature, adorable antics, and affectionate personalities. Domestic cats are descended from wildcats and have been kept as pets for thousands of years. Pet ownership, particularly caring for a new litter of kittens, can be overwhelming for cats. Cats … Read more

Why Does My Cat Sit With Her Back To Me? Explained

Why Does My Cat Sit With Her Back To Me

One of the cats’ most baffling and common behaviors is sitting with their back towards their owners. The main reason is that cats do not like being handled, but it’s also because they are naturally attracted to movement and scents. One typical behavior that many cat owners may have noticed is their cat sitting with … Read more

Why Is My Cat Biting Her Newborn Kittens Head? Explained!!!

Why Is My Cat Biting Her Newborn Kittens Head

Cats are known to be loving and nurturing, especially towards their young. So, it may be surprising when a mother cat begins to display aggressive behavior cats’ behavior towards her newborn kittens, particularly biting their heads. This puzzling behavior can concern cat owners and may even raise questions about the kittens’ well-being. However, there is … Read more

My Cat Meows At Me And Then Runs Away – What Does It Mean?

My Cat Meows At Me And Then Runs Away

Cats are beloved pets worldwide for their independent and sometimes mysterious nature. They are also popular for their agility and grace, often seen leaping onto high surfaces or chasing after toys with lightning-fast reflexes. Domestic cats come in a variety of breeds, each with their own unique characteristics and personalities. Regarding cats, there’s something about … Read more

Cat Puts A Paw On Me When Sleeping – Is This Alright?

Cat Puts A Paw On Me When Sleeping

Your cats love to place his paw on you since he adores you and expresses his feelings for you in this way. This ought to keep you smiling. When my cat puts a paw on me when sleeping, it makes me so happy! My Cat is the same way. He’d like to make tactile stimulation … Read more