Putting A Cat Down With Stomatitis – The Solution

Putting A Cat Down With Stomatitis

Stomatitis, a painful and chronic inflammation of the mouth, is a common and often debilitating condition in cats. It can lead to difficulty eating, weight loss, and a decreased quality of life for feline companions. Despite the best efforts of veterinarians and pet owners, some cats with severe stomatitis may not respond to traditional treatments … Read more

My Cat Doesn’t Rub Against Me- What Should I Do?

My Cat Doesn't Rub Against Me

As cat owners, we love nothing more than cuddling up with our feline friends and showering them affectionately. However, for some of us, our cats just don’t want to show us love. One common behavior that many cat owners crave is when their furry companions rub against them for attention. This behavior is popular as … Read more