Why Is My Guppy Swimming Upside Down? Explained

When your guppy swims upside down, it is not just unusual behavior. It may also be indicative of something more serious than you realize.

A common condition called protogyny affects many species of fish, but it’s less well known among the species that are more commonly kept as pets. So, why is my guppy swimming upside down?

Why Is My Guppy Swimming Upside Down

If you notice your guppy swimming upside down or backward, here’s what to do about it. As you can see, the guppy has moved its tail to the side of its body.

This is called “pupation”. The pupa develops into a pupa-like state in which it undergoes dramatic changes before emerging as an adult guppy.

Let’s Find Why Is My Guppy Swimming Upside Down?

Why Is My Guppy Swimming Upside Down

Some of the reasons for this behavior include Overheated conditions. The most common cause is an overheated or overly moist environment.

Some fishes need a sunny spot to get by and others prefer high humidity (too much water). Keep your saltwater aquarium at room temperature (72-77 degrees Fahrenheit).

And make sure there are no plants in the way that would prevent your guppy from swimming freely. If you notice brown patches on its dorsal fin, you will know when that product is to blame.

Overfeeding Your guppy may be overfed by accident or design. Please note that it’s always better to feed your fish in small amounts every day rather than large amounts all at once (less waste).

You might need to reduce the amount of food for a week or two if they are not responding well in the tank after feeding was reduced, but this happens rarely.

Bacterial Swim Bladder Treatment

Bacterial Swim Bladder Treatment

Swimming upside down is not just a guppy phenomenon. It’s often seen in fish of all shapes and sizes that are experiencing a bacterial swim bladder problem.

Depending on the severity of the issue, this treatment may take a few days to a week to work. Once the problem is resolved, you should return your guppy to their regular environment and provide them with food and water.

If your guppy is swimming upside down, it may need a bacterial swim bladder treatment. This can finish in a variety of ways, such as using antibiotics or salt baths.

Getting the problem fixed as soon as possible helps ensure the guppy recovers quickly, and swimming upside down doesn’t become a habit.

What Should I Do To Fix This Problem?

What Should I Do To Fix This Problem

This is a hard question to answer because it is subjective. However, the most important thing that you need to do is identify what the problem actually is and understand why it has happened.

You can ask yourself some questions related to this topic like: What are the signs of this problem? How did I know about this problem? When did I notice these signs?

Once you have understood what exactly has happened, then find out how to fix it. This could be fixing the issue on your own or finding someone who can help you with the issue. Always try to fix the issue on your own if possible, but in instances where this is not possible.

Most of the time you will need a saltwater aquarium professional to help with it because they are more qualified when dealing with this kind of issues.

You can do it yourself by doing research online or calling around until you find someone that would be willing to assist you in fixing whatever problem yours might be – maybe they have an understanding similar to yours.

Here are some step-by-step pointers about fixing the problem: Find out what exactly is wrong. Is your water chemistry incorrect?

Are there other fish that have caused it or does this always happen with certain kinds of fish? Does available light or breeding conditions play a role in its occurrence?

What Causes Swim Bladder Disease?

How Do You Know If Your Fish Have Swim Bladder Disease

All fish have a swim bladder, but only goldfish and guppies had been known to get it. They can also get the disorder called “swimbladder tsunami”.

If your feeding of any kind is reduced or stopped then they may just go into what’s called “starvation” mode until somethings changes – something new on their diet that isn’t working for them because of all the weight loss they are now experiencing.

If their food is OK, but just have stopped eating then an open mouth infection could be causing them to not eat – it happens with some fish because of this sometimes.

Swim bladder disorders in goldfish can appear differently or go missing altogether unexpectedly and without warning

Just like how humans don’t always need any kind of alarm clock to wake us up every morning, goldfish will eventually stop wanting to swim in their bowl and may be found lethargic in water (on the bottom) with a very sunken space between their lips.

When this happens, it’s often due to something new happening on the sand bed surface – the sand is tilting under them so they are not being able to get moving or keeping themselves raised up at all.

If aren ‘t able to do so, they can’t swim or suckle on their food and put out more waste than usual.

If you haven’t seen this occurring before it did then it could be due to something that’s new happening – which will eventually come under control when the old bad cause has been eradicated.

What Are Some Signs Of Swim Bladder Disease In Goldfish?

What Are Some Signs Of Swim Bladder Disease In Goldfish

Just like humans, coughs are generally not part of fish illness in the same way they are for us – but you will often see a fish swimming from one place to another in a disorientated manner.

If your goldfish start behaving strangely this is because it’s not able to swim properly and could really injure itself trying!

Feel them out when waking up at times too, there may be wrong with their breathing or gills that need treatment if possible.

I’ve heard stories about mad fish trying to do a wheelie! Feeling very floaty for him and occasionally going underwater again – so not all is lost.

Swim bladder disorders can also herald a lot of other fish problems which you’ll have read about on the goldfish forum later, but this might just be from their unnatural swimming habits alone.

If your gold ball starts behaving strange then try giving them some oxygenated foods at first until they start eating better. Swimming constantly can get your little goldie very worn out.

Once you’ve tried this stuff they’ll be more buoyant and healthy – I’d also recommend trying a piece of lettuce or some fruit, always good for the gills! And definitely check up on their oxygen intake via dips in tank water.

What Is Swim Bladder Disorder?:

What Is Swim Bladder Disorder

If you see your guppy swimming upside down, taking action immediately is important. This problem can cause by a variety of factors, including injury or disease. If the guppy swims upside down more than a few times a day, it is most likely a swim bladder disorder.

Swim bladder disorder is a condition where fish swim in an upside-down position. Treatment usually involves surgery to release the swim bladder and restore normal swimming behavior. Hope this article was of some help.

How Do You Treat The Different Conditions That Cause Swim Bladder Disorder?:

How Do You Treat The Different Conditions That Cause Swim Bladder Disorder

Swim bladder disorder, otherwise known as swim bladder disease, is a problem with the bladder that causes it to swell up and cause sufferers to swim upside down.

It’s a serious condition that several different conditions can cause, and the best way to treat it is with a combination of treatments.

Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, so talk to your doctor about the best way to treat swim bladder disorder in your specific case.

Some common treatments include water deprivation, dietary changes, swim training, and surgery. It’s also important to consult your veterinarian for more specific advice about the best way to treat swim bladder disorder in your specific case.

Swimming upside down can be a symptom of swim bladder disease. So it’s important to get it checked out by a vet as soon as possible!

Treating Constipation That Results In A Swim Bladder Malfunction

Treating Constipation That Results In A Swim Bladder Malfunction

Swimming upside down or swimming with a loss of balance isn’t normal for guppies. This could be due to constipation, which can cause the swim bladder to malfunction.

When this happens, the guppy floats upside down or loses its balance, leading to difficulties in swimming. If you abnormally notice your guppy swimming, the first thing to do is to eliminate any potential causes and give them fluids intravenously if necessary.


It’s easy to assume that guppies are swimming upside down because they’re lazy, but there’s actually a reason for this behavior. The most likely reason is that they are trying to hide from predators or other competitors in the tank.

While this behavior may seem unusual, it’s actually quite common among fish species. I hope now you understand why is my guppy swimming upside down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t My Guppy Jump Properly?

If the tank is chipped, have a look at this link to see how guppies can become confused. In addition, it might be time think about putting your gold standard up on some kind of stone ledge.

What Age Do Guppies Reach Sexual Maturity?

2-3 months is usually when they will pass this stage, but some people have in around the 6 weeks mark.

Why Is My Guppy Floating Upside Down?

Guppies may be hiding, and this behavior can happen when they’re stressed/bored. It could also mean that their production of the gas used to keep them afloat has decreased, or if you’ve tried everything else and don’t know what’s wrong then you might want to consider putting your fish on some gravel-filled pea bag.

What Can I Do To Help My Guppy Recover From Its Sickness?

Here are some things that you can do to help your guppy recover from its sickness:

1.Give your guppy some fresh vegetables and water to eat.
2.Take your guppy to a fish store and have it checked out for sickness.
3.If you notice that your guppy is swimming upside down, it’s a signal that it may be sick.

What Could Be Wrong With My Guppy’s Tank?

There could be something wrong with your guppy’s tank if it’s swimming upside down. To determine the cause, you should test the water conditions in the tank regularly and make any necessary adjustments. If the guppy is swimming upside down, it could most likely be because of the wrong water condition – too high or low pH levels.

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