Get Your Dog Excited With CPE Speedway

CPE Speedway is a popular game for dogs that combines agility and speed. In this game, dogs navigate through several obstacles, including tunnels, jumps, and weave poles, in the fastest time possible.

The goal is to complete the course accurately and quickly, showcasing the dog’s athleticism and training. CPE-Speedway is a great way to challenge your dog physically and mentally while providing bonding and teamwork opportunities between you and your furry friend.

Here we will discuss the thrill of CPE-Speedway for dogs, how to get your dog started with playing the game, tips for playing with your pet, and what to do if your dog doesn’t want to play. Additionally, we will cover the benefits of playing CPE-Speedway with your dog, including increased agility, better behavior, and improved overall health.

 CPE Speedway

Understanding The Thrill Of CPE Speedway For Dogs

Understanding The Thrill Of CPE Speedway For Dogs

CPE-Speedway offers an exhilarating, fast-paced game for dogs that combines agility and speed. Dogs are naturally drawn to the excitement of CPE-Speedway, akin to a hairpin turn and slingshot as they race around the course.

It gives them the thrill of being in pole position, fueling their inner competitor.  The game even mirrors the exhilaration of a pitstop at a race track, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Young and older dogs can participate in CPE-Speedway, making it a versatile and engaging activity. Whether watching your furry friend zoom around the course or participating in the following classes, CPE-Speedway provides a high-energy experience that will keep your dog entertained and physically stimulated. So, get ready to unleash the speed and let your dog bask in the thrill of CPE-Speedway.

How To Play CPE-Speedway With Your Dog

How To Play CPE-Speedway With Your Dog

To play CPE-Speedway with your dog, start by teaching them the basic commands and maneuvers involved in the game. This will help them understand what is expected of them during the course. Set up a course with the appropriate equipment, such as hoops and jumps, to create an engaging and challenging experience for your furry friend.

Guide your dog through the course, encouraging them to navigate the obstacles and complete it successfully. Time their performance to track their progress and improvement over time. Don’t forget to reward your dog with praise and treats for a job well done. You and your dog can have a great time playing CPE-Speedway together by following these steps.

Equipment Needed


You will need a few critical pieces of equipment to play the CPE-Speedway game with your dog. Here are the essentials. Remember always to prioritize safety when playing CPE-Speedway games with your dog. Ensure that the equipment is secure and properly set up, and keep an eye on your dog’s behavior and well-being throughout the game.

  • CPE-approved agility tunnel: This is the main component of the CPE-Speedway game. Choose a tunnel that meets CPE regulations and suits your dog’s size and abilities.
  • Cones or markers: Use cones or markers to set up the course and indicate where your dog should enter and exit the tunnel.
  • Timer: You will need a timer to track your dog’s time as they navigate through the tunnel. This can be a stopwatch or a timer app on your phone.
  • Treats or rewards: Have some tasty treats or favorite toys to reward your dog for successfully completing the course.
  • Leash and collar: While not directly part of the game, it’s always important to have a leash and collar handy for safety purposes during training sessions.

Always prioritize safety when setting up and playing CPE-Speedway games with your dog.

Setting Up The Game

Find a suitable backyard or local park space to set up the CPE-Speedway game. Choose a location with enough room for your dog to maneuver between the obstacles. Strategically place the hoops, jumps, and other obstacles to create a challenging but safe course.

You can use markers or cones to define the course’s boundaries clearly. It’s important to ensure the area is free from potential hazards or distractions that may distract your dog. You’ll create an engaging and exciting environment for your dog by setting up the game properly.

Overview Of CPE-Speedway Game Rules

Overview Of CPE-Speedway Game Rules

The CPE-Speedway game is a fun and challenging competition for dogs that tests their speed, agility, and obedience skills. CPE-Speedway is a thrilling game that showcases a dog’s athleticism and obedience skills. It provides an exciting opportunity for dogs and their handlers to showcase their teamwork and compete against other talented teams. Here is an overview of the CPE- Speedway game rules:

  • The game consists of two rounds: the Round 1 Qualifier and the Round 2 Finals.
  • In the Round 1 Qualifier, teams compete against the clock to complete a course that includes jumps, tunnels, and weave poles.
  • Each team has a set time limit to complete the course; any faults or missed obstacles result in penalty points.
  • The top teams with the fastest times and fewest penalty points advance to the Round 2 Finals.
  • In the Round 2 Finals, teams compete head-to-head in a bracket-style format.
  • The team that completes the course with the fastest time and fewest penalties advances to the next round until a winner is determined.

Tips For Playing CPE-Speedway With Your Dog

Tips For Playing CPE-Speedway With Your Dog

Playing CPE-Speedway with your dog can be a fun and engaging activity for both of you. Here are some tips to make the most of your game time. By following these tips, you can ensure that playing CPE-Speedway with your dog is a safe and enjoyable experience for both of you. So grab a lure, head out to an open space, and have fun bonding with your furry friend.

  • Start with basic commands: Before playing CPE-Speedway, ensure your dog has a solid foundation in basic commands like sit, stay, and come. This will help ensure they understand and follow your instructions during the game.
  • Choose a safe and spacious area: Find an open space where your dog can run freely without any obstacles or hazards. A backyard or a local park can be great options.
  • Use appropriate toys: Select safe toys for your dog to play with. Avoid small or easily breakable toys that could pose a choking hazard.
  • Start slow and gradually increase speed: Begin the game slowly, allowing your dog to get familiar with the rules and mechanics of CPE Speedway. You can gradually increase the game’s speed as they become more comfortable.
  • Reward and praise: Remember to reward your dog with treats, praise, or their favourite toy when they complete a lap or follow your commands. Positive reinforcement will help motivate them to continue playing and improve their skills.
  • Monitor their energy levels: Monitor your dog’s energy levels during the game. If they start showing signs of fatigue or overheating, take a break and provide them with water and rest.

Playing CPE-Speedway with your furry friend can be a wonderful bonding experience while providing mental stimulation and physical exercise. So grab those toys, set up the course, and prepare for high-speed fun.

What To Do If Your Dog Doesn’t Want To Play CPE-Speedway

If your dog doesn’t show interest in playing CPE-Speedway, it’s important to assess if any underlying health issues may be affecting their enthusiasm. Consulting with a professional trainer or behaviourist can provide guidance and support in addressing this issue.

Additionally, trying different training methods or modifying the game to suit your dog’s preferences may help spark their interest. Patience and understanding are crucial, as some dogs may take longer to warm up to new activities. Respecting your dog’s preferences is important as not all dogs may enjoy CPE-Speedway.

Benefits For Your Dog

Benefits For Your Dog

Playing CPE-Speedway games can provide numerous benefits for your dog. engaging in CPE- Speedway games can enhance your dog’s physical health, mental agility, and overall well-being. Here are some of the advantages.

  • Physical exercise: CPE-Speedway games require your dog to run, jump, and navigate obstacles, providing a great workout for their muscles and cardiovascular system.
  • Mental stimulation: These games often involve problem-solving and decision-making, which can help keep your dog’s mind sharp and engaged.
  • Bonding time: Playing CPE-Speedway games with your dog can strengthen your bond with your furry friend as you work together to complete challenges.
  • Confidence building: Completing obstacles in these games can boost your dog’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Channeling energy: Dogs with high energy levels can benefit from participating in CPE- Speedway games as it provide an outlet for their energy in a controlled environment.


CPE Speedway is an exciting game that can bring immense joy and enrichment to your furry friend’s life. It provides mental stimulation, and physical exercise, strengthening the bond between you and your dog. However, not all dogs may immediately take to the game.

Patience and understanding are key when introducing your dog to CPE-Speedway.  Start slow, use positive reinforcement, and make the experience fun for your pup. If your dog doesn’t seem interested in playing, don’t force it. Respect their preferences and try different activities that cater to their interests. Remember, the goal is to create a positive and  enjoyable experience for your dog. So get out there, have fun, and watch your dog’s excitement soar with CPE-Speedway.

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